28 Aug - 11 Sep 08:00 UTC
Rewards for 13 active users distributed in three categories.

Pick a user's skill class is pending calculation
with 50.0% significance and 1.0 independent predictions

This user can achieve skill class with 1 more true predictions with probability of 5%

Pick a user's Stake outcomes
The graph shows how many of EQCs the user staked in each prediction.
  • 'To occur' and 'Not to occur' predictions are shown as seperate stacked bars.
  • The color of the bars shows the outcome: true, false or open.
Distribution of stakes
The distribution of stakes map shows the locations of the user's predictions.
  • The shading indicates the amount of staked EQCs: darker shades for many, lighter shades for fewer EQCs.
  • 'To occur' predictions are shown as up arrows, 'Not to occur' as down arrows.